• Creative Director
  • Photo/film shoot supervision
  • TLGG (Berlin, Germany)
  • Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A.
  • Montblanc

Leather Goods Campaigns (Print/POS/Social Media/Web)

Traditionally, Montblanc has been known as a luxury pen manufacturer. However, in recent years, they’ve also diversified into other luxury verticals: watches, accessories, leather goods, and tech.

Montblanc’s leather collections have relatively diverse target groups, but all campaigns have similar strategic objectives: to bring awareness to younger target groups of Montblanc’s new positioning as a modern ‘luxury Maison’ that goes beyond pens.

These campaigns help bring that message visually, and were deployed across various media channels.

Meisterstück Selection Rouge et Noir
Extreme 2.0
Meisterstück 4810