• Creative Director
  • Photo/film shoot supervision
  • TLGG (Berlin, Germany)
  • Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A.
  • Montblanc

‘UltraBlack — Stories of the Night’ Influencer Campaign (Social Media)

With a younger target group in mind, this influencer campaign set to coincide with the 2021 release of Montblanc’s UltraBlack cross-category collection (leather goods, tech, watches, and pens) was meant to inspire over 3 million people across all digital platforms, with personal stories of the influencers’ (known at Montblanc as ‘Mark Makers’) triumphs, and to celebrate the modernity of the brand’s most iconic colour.

Influencers from various countries and walks of life were invited to Berlin to shoot bespoke content for both their and Montblanc’s social media platforms. The stories capture the core of what drives them. Their stories of the night. Revealing what weaves this mysterious identity of the black universe — creatives, doers, thought leaders, business owners, artists, and driven personalities alike sharing what is inherent to this legendary spirit of theirs.

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