• Concept
  • Senior Art Director
  • Serviceplan
  • (Munich, Germany)
  • Deutsche Lufthansa AG
  • Lufthansa

Lufthansa: Planespotting

In 2012, Serviceplan was made to defend the Lufthansa digital creative account in a pitch, which it did successfully.

The Nonstop You campaign had been launched a few months prior, and we wanted to add value to the proposition through interaction and gamification.

The Planespotting app was simple: the user would launch the app and point their camera toward an aeroplane in the sky above. Thanks to a global database of public-available information, the app would return details about the flight.

The spotted plane would then be added to the user’s list, and the spot could also be shared on Facebook. In addition, when a user spotted a certain number of planes and/or a certain number of the same types of planes, they would receive a rebate on their next flight.