• Creative Director
  • Photo/film shoot supervision
  • TLGG (Berlin, Germany)
  • The Swatch Group Ltd
  • Longines

Longines: Élégance Individuelle (Integrated Product Campaign)

Longines wanted to appeal to a younger target group with one of their flaship models, La grande classique de Longines. It’s a crowded segment, though, with many luxury brands fighting for brand love, so Longines knew it had to make a splash with this target group — particularly to fight off the perception of the brand being somewhat dusty and more for their grandparents.

This campaign sets out to not only challenge those perceptions with a young-feeling contemporary dance and electronic music, but also challenges the target group’s idea of elegance. Rather than inflexible, rigid luxury, La grande classique is elegance one can customise and make one’s own. Individual elegance.

This campaign was deployed offline and on social media.

Hero Film (40")
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