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  • (Milan, Italy)
  • Fererro SpA
  • Regalissimi Più

Ferrero: Regalissimi+

Ferrero’s Regalissimi Più is a very long-established loyalty programme on the Italian market, which involved consumers collecting proofs-of-purchase and redeeming them for merchandise.

The very challenging brief was to both re-position, and modernise and digitise the programme, with the objective being to engage a younger target audience to participate. The challenge was that the programme was very much perceived as being for mothers and grandmothers, as it involved cutting out physical proofs-of-purchase, sticking them onto a paper grid, and sending them by post to Ferrero for gift redemption.

That insight on perception formed the basis for the big idea: ‘This Ain’t Your Mama’s Regalissimi’ (Non ci sono più i Regalissimi di una volta, in Italian). The big idea is a promise to the new target audience, that this programme is relevant to them, and they stand to benefit by participating. The result was a two-phase BTL campaign that included print, POS, social media, display advertising and gamification.